| The 2009 Independent Film Festival of Boston


The 2009 Independent Film Festival of Boston

The 2009 Independent Film Festival of Boston


Feature by: Rumsey Taylor, Katherine Follett, and Victoria Large

Posted on: 23 April 2009

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Entering its seventh year, the Independent Film Festival of Boston furthers the variety and extent it has ably established in its previous iterations. 2009’s festival is a day longer, and expands into an additional venue—the Institute of Contemporary Art on Boston’s south shore. As per usual, the lineup is screened predominantly at the Somerville Theater, and the program plays like a “Best of” the recent festival circuit, including the requisite SXSW holdovers (Winnebago Man, Make-Out with Violence, Pontypool), a robust shorts program, and a generous variety of nonfiction features. Despite this, there remains a trend toward films of topical interest to Boston: Children of Invention, Blood, Sweat & Cheers, Chip on My Shoulder, For the Love of Movies (made by local critic Gerald Peary), I Need That Record!, and Luckey. With these and many, many other offerings, the IFFB continues to develop a recognizeable identity within the festival circuit. The 2009 Independent Film Festival of Boston runs from April 22–28. Please refer to this page during the next few weeks for reviews of select festival films.

Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison 24 APRIL
I Need That Record! 25 APRIL
Children of Invention 29 APRIL
Bronson 04 MAY
Trimpin 08 MAY
Invisible Girlfriend 11 MAY
500 Days of Summer 12 MAY
Pontypool 15 MAY
Children of Invention 18 MAY
Unmistaken Child 20 MAY
Big Fan 22 MAY
World’s Greatest Dad 26 MAY
Nollywood Babylon 07 JUNE
Shooting Beauty 10 JUNE
I Knew It Was You 11 JUNE
Helen 17 JUNE
Prom Night in Mississippi 29 JUNE
Mine 08 JULY
Stingray Sam 13 JULY
The Lost Son of Havana 01 JULY
For the Love of Movies 02 JULY


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