| Return of the Living Dead, Part III



Return of the Living Dead, Part III

Return of the Living Dead, Part III

Brian Yuzna

USA, 1993


Review by David Carter

Posted on 28 July 2004

Source VHS

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Made five years after Part II, the final entry has even less in common with Part I. The comedy aspects are completely gone, and in their place are better FX and a more serious tone. The science aspect is still there though. The Army is trying to use the zombies as unstoppable killing machines, which is strangely close to the plot of Dawn of the Dead. The General in charge of the project has a rebellious teenage son with an EXTREMELY hot girlfriend, played by Mindy Clarke. They break in to the base and find out about what’s going on with the zombies, get creeped out and speed off on his motorcycle. They have an accident, she dies and the boyfriend goes to the base and uses the zombifying gas to bring her back. The whole “Boy loves Girl, Girl loves eating brains” theme pervades the film. Of course the Army hunts them down and there are lots of very well done FX and lots of zombie-goodness. Look for Sarah Douglas (the female Kryptonian from Superman II) as the rival Army general with evil-intent. Mostly unrelated, but still a very good movie.

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