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Sleepaway Camp

Sleepaway Camp

Robert Hiltzik

USA, 1983


Review by David Carter

Posted on 29 July 2004

Source VHS

If you are tired of the traditional slasher films that pervaded 80’s horror, give the Sleepaway Camp series a try. They are still slasher films, but they have some qualities that set them apart from the rest of the Friday the 13th clones. Another cool aspect of the series is that the killer is female. Let’s pretend we are at the library and check ‘em out.

The action takes place at (SURPRISE!) a summer camp. The pacing is pretty slow and the murders aren’t really anything to write home about, but there are some good things about this film. The main characters are a lot younger than the traditional camp horror victims. The average camper is about 10 years old and male instead of a camp full of 18-year-old blondes with huge breasts. Angela is one of the female campers. She is shy, reserved, and rarely speaks. The film gives itself away though by spending so much time with her that she just HAS to be the killer. The main reason you’d want to see this movie is the famous “shock” ending. Turns out that our little Angela is actually a boy (Angela’s brother) who has been raised as a girl by an insane mother figure. In the ending scene we get to see a little more than we want to, as “Angela” stands naked and covered in blood. Don’t worry though, the penis that is shown is not real, it’s an effect.

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