| The 2013 Independent Film Festival Boston


The 2013 Independent Film Festival Boston

The 2013 Independent Film Festival Boston


Feature by: Victoria Large

Posted on: 22 April 2013

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April 2013 has proven to be both difficult and surreal for those with ties to the greater Boston area. Last week, a city still in mourning found itself coping with further violence and then an unprecedented shutdown of its usually bustling streets. To say that one struggles for the right words in describing the situation is a gross understatement. But Boston of course remains a resilient and vibrant city, one with a thriving film culture. In my review of Jarred Alterman’s unconventional documentary Convento a couple of years ago, I wrote that “seeing greater Boston get excited about off the radar, out-of-the-ordinary films” was “one of the simple pleasures” of the annual Independent Film Festival of Boston. This year, diving into a slate of new independent films with other area film lovers and celebrating one of Boston’s biggest weeks for movies sounds particularly inviting.

Director James Ponsoldt’s new film The Spectacular Now will open the festival, with Lake Bell’s widely anticipated comedy In a World… serving as the closing night feature. Other festival selections will include new films from Noah Baumbach, Sarah Polley, Lynn Shelton, Joss Whedon, and many others. The 2013 Independent Film Festival of Boston runs from April 24–30. Please refer to this page during the next few weeks for reviews of select festival films.


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