| The 2007 South by Southwest Film Festival


The 2007 South by Southwest Film Festival

The 2007 South by Southwest Film Festival


Feature by: Rumsey Taylor

Posted on: 06 March 2007

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Now in its 20th year, South by Southwest has become a unique fixture in the festival circuit, characterized by three components with ample correlation: music, film, and interactive media. Each spring, hundreds of performers, films, and panel speakers gather in Austin, Texas, to acknowledge and celebrate the state of virtually all media.

The film conference commences on March 9th with Scott Frank’s The Lookout, the first of over sixty world premieres screening at the festival. A trade show will coincide, and will include panelists (and Austin natives) Robert Rodriguez and Richard Linklater, as well as a variety of industry personalities.

2007 will introduce a special focus on music documentaries entitled “24 Beats Per Second,” including films centering Robyn Hitchcock, Scott Walker, and the Silver Jews, among others. This will precede a mini-retrospective of Ron Mann’s Imagine the Sound, D.A. Pennebaker’s Monterey Pop, Bruce Weber’s Let’s Get Lost, and Eagle Pennell’s The Whole Shootin’ Match.

Park Chan-wook’s I’m a Cyborg, but That’s OK will close the festival.

Refer to this page over the next few weeks for reviews of select Festival films.

Suffering Man’s Charity 11 March
The Lookout 12 March
Manufacturing Dissent 13 March
The King of Kong 13 March
The Ten 14 March
Hell on Wheels 16 March
Frownland 16 March
Hannah Takes the Stairs 21 March
Cat Dancers 22 March
Helvetica 22 March
Zoo 29 March

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