| The 2009 South by Southwest Film Festival


The 2009 South by Southwest Film Festival

The 2009 South by Southwest Film Festival


Feature by: Rumsey Taylor and Leo Goldsmith

Posted on: 13 March 2009

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Beginning March 13, Austin, Texas, again draws the attention of the indie film community as South by Southwest commences its 22nd year. This year’s slate of films is characteristically impressive, consisting of Sundance favorites, midnight movies, and 16 titles in the narrative and documentary features competitions. As per usual, we’ll be sampling titles from most every category.

For the third subsequent year we’ll be attempting to encapsulate the experience of attending the SXSW film festival, which is characterized by a tangible, warm enthusiasm that greets virtually every title screening. One of our favorite components of the festival is the line preceding each screening—it’s here that recommendations are received and shared (making a viewing schedule before setting foot in Austin is absolutely futile) and many new people are met. And it’s an experience unique to Austin; at least, it’s one difficult to replicate outside of the marvelous Alamo Drafthouse.

The 2009 South by Southwest Film Festival runs from March 13th to 21st, 2009. Please refer to this page over the course of the next few weeks as we publish reviews of select festival films.

The Square 16 March
Objectified 17 March
Lake Mungo 17 March
Alexander the Last 18 March
Beeswax 20 March


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