| The 2010 Independent Film Festival Boston


The 2010 Independent Film Festival Boston

The 2010 Independent Film Festival Boston


Feature by: Rumsey Taylor and Victoria Large

Posted on: 19 April 2010

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Boston-based cinephiles can count themselves lucky all year round. With the area’s wealth of first-run theaters, arthouses, and museums, to be a movie lover in Boston is to enjoy a continual embarrassment of riches. But for the past eight years, the New England springtime has brought with it the Independent Film Festival Boston, a days-long event that threatens to overwhelm even the most seasoned Boston cinephile with its packed schedule of features, shorts, documentaries, and narrative films from filmmakers both new and established, local and international. This year’s festival opens with The Extra Man, a comedy from American Splendor directors Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman, and concludes with Saturday Night, James Franco’s nonfiction chronicle of a week in the life of NBC’s Saturday Night Live. The festival will also feature new works from Ken Loach, Todd Solondz, and Michael Winterbottom, among many others.

The 2010 Independent Film Festival of Boston runs from April 21—28. Please refer to this page during the next few weeks for reviews of select festival films.

The Extra Man 23 April
Beijing Taxi 24 April
Tawqacore 25 April
Cyrus 27 April
Bass Ackwards 28 April
Teenage Paparazzo 2 May
Down Terrace 3 May
Machotaildrop 3 May
Colony 6 May
Erasing David 7 May
Do It Again 10 May
Drones 16 May
His & Hers 22 May
Looking for Eric 7 June
How to Fold a Flag 8 June
Marwencol 15 June
The Killer Inside Me 16 June


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